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The network of Awesome People for life and pleasure.
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Who we are and what we want to do

We are multinational team with different experiences in hi-tech development, IT technologies, Face-to-Face distribution development, marketing, financial services and some other areas.

We are very different age. Some of us had 30+ years’ experience in multinational corporate world, some in private. Development team about 25-35 years and all of us still “young and ambitious”.

We want to fulfill our life by a lot of fun and activities, which can give us pleasure and more pleasure. We want to connect active people across the world with those, who want to be active. We want to make your Life better!

We are living for pleasure and our Life for pleasure too!

Features of our Project

Our Project has 3 core patented features

Just if you want. Just if you joint us.

Our Contacts

We are here to help you Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
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Middle East Office : +971 (056) 188 9345
European Office :   +41 76 813 61 88
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